Warehouse Mgmt & SCM/ Add-on


— Automating inbound logistics


A new resource to "hire" in the company

DocSitter is the bot designed by Beta 80 Group to automate each company’s inbound logistics process, speeding up the loading of Bills of Lading into the system.

All the advantages of DocSitter

DocSitter is a fast and tireless virtual employee, able to learn quickly and take on more and more tasks. The advantages offered are

  • considerable time savings in entering Bills of Lading into the system
  • the elimination of calls between production, warehouse and suppliers for the management of emergencies or to request goods
  • the reduction of delays due to the additional latency of the Bills of Lading with respect to supply lead times.

Inbound Logistics: zero errors, time and costs

DocSitter consists of two basic elements:

1) a BOT that takes care of the digitisation of the paper BOMs.

2) a Cognitive Service responsible for interpreting the scanned document entered into the system.

Its implementation guarantees an efficient and reliable system: upon receipt of the goods, the paper Bills of Lading is automatically scanned, labels are printed and applied to the goods, and in just 5 minutes the company receives information about the arrival of the delivery.