Warehouse Mgmt & SCM

Warehouse Mgmt & SCM

— Owning logistics, directing the future.

Listening and planning

What companies need is for warehouse software to integrate unique technologies and processes – theirs. For this reason, the greatest value we bring to our customers, together with our proprietary technology, is the ability to listen, solve and propose innovation. We have been doing this for 30 years.

Through our proprietary technology Stockager® Suite, we develop projects for the management of traditional and automatic warehouses, integrating where necessary the functions of automatic picking, radio-frequency, voice picking, pick to light, carrier manager, real-time location system. Thanks to the partnership with SAP, we implement projects based on SAP WM and EWM. We guarantee customers high system availability, the result of our help-desk and assistance service, available on request 24x7x365.

Stockager® Suite

Beta 80 Group has developed the proprietary Stockager® Suite platform. Modular, highly configurable and flexible, it is suitable for any warehouse and can be integrated with existing IT systems. This is in order to facilitate as much as possible the operation of the staff in the warehouse or distribution center. The Suite allows you to adapt in the best way to the different types of warehouse, the different physical layouts, the production flows and the shipping methods.

Warehouse Mgmt & SCM


Managing every kind of warehouse. ...

Warehouse Mgmt & SCM


Personnel, warehouse and operations: everything under control ...

Warehouse Mgmt & SCM


Maximum speed for the automation of any warehouse. ...


Automatic picking with the aid of robots, with palletizing and depalletizing functionality, either in layers or single items. Manual picking where a light signal guides the workers in picking and releasing goods. There are three working modes available: Pick to Light (direct picking), Put to Light (fanning after massive picking), Immediate Put to Light (direct multiple picking with equipped trolleys).

Warehouse Mgmt & SCM

Pick To Light

Screens and lighting signals for picking at a glance ...

Warehouse Mgmt & SCM

Automatic picking

Lightening employees, minimizing errors. ...

Warehouse Mgmt & SCM

Voice Picking

Vocal commands for hands-free operations. ...


Today technologies make it possible to create very different warehouses. Stockager® Suite is built in a modular way, to give the customer the possibility to select the functions he needs. Real Time Location System and Carrier Manager, together with Pick To light, Automatic Picking and Voice Picking are the modules to build a Warehouse Management System according to your needs.

Warehouse Mgmt & SCM

Carrier Manager

Integration with shipping systems. ...

Warehouse Mgmt & SCM


Control, optimization and security for forklifts fleets ...

Warehouse Mgmt & SCM


Real-time handling control ...

Warehouse Mgmt & SCM

Yard Management

Optimize vehicle flows both inbound and outbound ...

Warehouse Mgmt & SCM


Automating inbound logistics ...


To all clients choosing SAP, Beta 80 steps forward as an official partner for the implementation of warehouse systems, developing SAP SCM, EWM and WM projects, both on ECC 6.0 and S/4HANA. We achieve efficient automation in stocking and handling activities, to get the highest flexibility and efficiency. It’s then possible to count on just one integrated system, able to answer quickly and allow better control over the logistic processes.


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