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Intelligent Process Automation

— Leaving repetitive and time-consuming tasks to bots.


Automating to create value

Stats say the 63% office work will be affected and changed by automation in the next few years, and companies wanting to take advantage of digital transformation can’t ignore that. Beta 80 Group’s RPA offer enables the organization to get this opportunity according to its strategic choices and business objectives, saving time and money, giving its resources the possibility to requalify for more critical roles and less repetitive.


Stats say white collars’ worldwide productivity will grow of the 75% in the next 50 years. According to analyzes, the 50% of the workforce might be automated. Contrary to what one may think, this could create +60 million jobs as resources would be able to dedicate to less repetitive and more qualifying tasks, being then in a scenario of productivity and growth.

RPA (Robotic Process Automation) lets companies create value, reach the same objectives with fewer resources, and gives the possibility to increase volumes, saving time and money. There is no need to change all software already in use, and integrations are available with already installed applications and systems, with the plus of the collaboration with AI and cognitive services for the interpretation of language and/or the classification of situations to manage.

Errors rate is minimized, as the robot is not subjected to distractions. Investments are reduced, and costs are mainly Opex. It is possible to find an RPA solution for a limited time and on specific tasks, and possibly and gradually extend their service on a wider spectrum. Finally, RPA allows absorbing work peaks with no variation of the workforce, switching the bot on and off according to the need.


According to market analysts, our partners are positioned as leaders (UiPath, Automation Anywhere). Collaboration options are:

POC – Creation of automation able to free business resources or reduce times on a critical task, with an immediate economic return.

Project – Creation and activation of an automation platform, with support to staff in the definition and production phase. It’s possible to release a methodological and operational framework, for effective governance of the plant once started.

Audit and Process Design – Supporting the decision to introduce RPA and the digitalization of company processes.

Beta 80’s RPA implementation models provide data acquisition from documents (both electronic and non-electronic) and their processing and inclusion into all Business Applications; the reading and classification of emails and the managing of the related actions; the integration of the different Business Applications without the need to develop any amend (massive actions on the registries, data consolidation from departments to ERP, CRM support).


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