ICT Solutions

Digital Ecosystem Governance

— IT efficiency to improve sustainability


IT serving the business

The Digital Transformation requires high-performance systems and services, operational business security, and data protection. Digital Ecosystem Governance ensures all of this through infrastructure and application monitoring, technology management, and financial performance control. It’s the strategic approach that enables companies to govern IT services in a way that ensures operational efficiency and constant updating. High-quality Digital Ecosystem Governance is the foundation for an ESG sustainability model: optimizing Information Systems processes, reporting on the consumption of IT resources, and reducing energy waste are fundamental contributions in terms of environmental, social, and corporate governance.

AIOps & Observability

Detecting anomalies well in advance that can have negative impacts on customer experience and, consequently, on business. This is the goal of Beta 80’s AIOps and Observability services. Ensuring the performance of critical business processes is no longer sufficient to detect anomalies and trace back to the root cause. It is rather necessary to anticipate events and predict degradation with proactive actions. The use of Observability tools and Artificial Intelligence in Operations allows for identifying, containing, and correcting potentially harmful situations. This results in improving the customer experience and ensuring business outcomes.

IT Automation

Automating IT Department operations is a key factor in Digital Transformation. The speed of change demands that resources be dedicated to technological innovation and process transformation. IT Automation resolves the complexity of Information Systems through automated procedures and controls, enabling managers to focus on business needs.

IT Governance

Companies with high IT costs often operate in highly regulated markets and often have to manage high organizational and technological complexities. For these companies Beta 80 Group offers solid governance and control models, to let organizations rapidly take the right path and make conscious choices, turn them into actions, and verify results constantly.


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IT Service Management

Through market-leading ITSM solutions, we help organizations deliver IT services efficiently. To ensure smooth task flow, minimize costs, and reduce risks, we implement and customize processes according to the most reliable best practices, with particular reference to ITSM activities such as Incident Management, Request & Change Management, Problem Management, and service lifecycle management. Additionally, we support our clients in adopting ITIL practices.