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— High-potential technology services for business development.

Innovation, from concept to delivery

Our technological solutions catch the attention of all of those clients looking for tangible and planned results, supported by competent and certified teams. This is how Beta 80 becomes partner of businesses. By creating success stories thanks to our competencies on last-generation solutions, such as AIOps, Cloud, DevOps, and Big Data. Never forgetting the business context the offered solution lands in, a context to be deeply known: telecommunications, finance, manufacturing, Government, retail.

Digital Ecosystem Governance

The Digital Transformation requires high-performance systems and services, operational business security, and data protection. Digital Ecosystem Governance ensures all of this through infrastructure and application monitoring, technology management, and financial performance control. It’s the strategic approach that enables companies to govern IT services in a way that ensures operational efficiency and constant updating. High-quality Digital Ecosystem Governance is the foundation for an ESG sustainability model: optimizing Information Systems processes, reporting on the consumption of IT resources, and reducing energy waste are fundamental contributions in terms of environmental, social, and corporate governance.

ICT Solutions

AIOps & Observability

All details of IT resources ...

ICT Solutions

IT Automation

Benefits of automated management ...

ICT Solutions

IT Governance

Optimise PPM management. ...

ICT Solutions

IT Service Management

Improve company performances ...

Business Process Digitalization

The digitalization of processes is mandatory for companies, and it means leveraging the full potential of the company’s information assets, adapting them to the new needs of users and customers. An added value that is achieved by reengineering applications at various levels and integrating them into the new processes.

ICT Solutions

Application Modernization

IT: responding rapidly and successfully. ...

ICT Solutions

Modern Workplace

Innovation, productivity, security. ...

Data Value

Collecting data and analyzing it in order to make strategic decisions. The design experiences of Business Intelligence that we propose aim to refine and simplify both data discovery and data visualization processes, so as to identify phenomena, patterns, and anomalies, and support the company in making informed and data-driven decisions.


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Intelligent Process Automation

Stats say the 63% office work will be affected and changed by automation in the next few years, and companies wanting to take advantage of digital transformation can’t ignore that. Beta 80 Group’s RPA offer enables the organization to get this opportunity according to its strategic choices and business objectives, saving time and money, giving its resources the possibility to requalify for more critical roles and less repetitive.


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