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Innovation, from concept to delivery

Our technological solutions catch the attention of all of those clients looking for tangible and planned results, supported by competent and certified teams. This is how Beta 80 becomes partner of businesses. By creating success stories thanks to our competencies on last-generation solutions, such as AIOps, Cloud, DevOps, and Big Data. Never forgetting the business context the offered solution lands in, a context to be deeply known: telecommunications, finance, manufacturing, Government, retail.


Digital Transformation is the profound change of activities and organizational processes, skills and business models. It is made possible, in a strategic and priority way, by the mix of digital technologies available today. Among these is Cloud Computing, which allows you to accelerate the transformation of any type of company, democratizing technology, speeding up processes and improving the customer and employee experience. Beta 80 Group offers those activities and resources necessary to support the customer’s cloud journey, in order to select the correct cloud provider. It will thus be possible to modernize your applications through their re-engineering to make the most of the potential of the cloud and their consequent migration. Besides, Beta 80 provides its skills and knowledge of cloud services to operate, maintain and optimize the client’s IT infrastructures in the cloud ecosystem.

ICT Solutions

Cloud Enablement

Security and efficiency fo the Digital Transformation. ...

ICT Solutions

Employee Experience

Digital transformation of the modern workplace. ...


According to IDC, digital transformation is spreading with unprecedented power. To allow a company to implement Operations Management, IT Automation and Monitoring solutions, means to design the business’ processes and point them towards the future. Because using Artificial Intelligence for Operations lets companies compete globally.

ICT Solutions

Operations Management

Constant performance control. ...

ICT Solutions

Process Optimization & Automation

RPA - Robotic Process Automation. ...

Big Data & Analytics

Big Data is one of the deepest and more pervasive evolutions in the digital scenario. They mean a whole new world, and they will seriously affect the new way of developing any business.

Beta 80 starts from the famous 5Vs of Big Data (Volume, Variety, Velocity, Veracity, Variability) and offers main Data Platforms and Machine Learning solutions, both via Cloud and on-premise. This way Beta 80 helps our clients to get more value from their own data. Thanks to our know-how, we are the ideal partner to lead various-sized companies in their data-journey. Beta 80 begins looking at Descriptive Analytics, following with Predictive and Prescriptive Analytics, then getting to Automated Analytics, fully benefitting from a truly data-driven approach.

ICT Solutions

Business Intelligence

Certified data for clearer decisions. ...


The current landscape shows that the volume of business-critical applications and systems is growing continuously. In parallel, time to market is the most important driver of any business choice. DevOps is a model that enables cross-functional development teams to build software solutions faster. These, leveraging automation, ensure reliability, security, scalability and rapid deployment. Beta 80 Group, thanks to its experience and expertise on the main DevOps products (Microsoft Azure DevOps and Jenkins), is able to bring to its customers all the advantages of the DevOps chain, both in on-premise and cloud environments. Beta 80 Group – thanks to its own Software Factory – works alongside customers to implement agile methodologies, providing them with flexibility, scalability and method. It is the right approach to those experiments necessary for business innovation.

ICT Solutions

IT Governance

Optimise PPM management. ...

ICT Solutions

Software Factories & Consulting Services

An agile approach to consulting services. ...