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Privacy policy

— Beta 80 Group and personal data.

Protection of data.

Beta 80 Group disclose with this note personal data treatment information related to the web site (or .com), complying to art. 13 & 14 of the European Regulation (EU) 2016/679 General Data Protection Regulation ( “GDPR Regulation”) and all other current italian and international bylaws and regulation of interest.

This information is provided by Beta 80 Group S.r.l. as personal data Controller, for all legal entities belonging to Beta 80 Group (Beta 80 Software e Sistemi S.p.A., Beta 8.0 Technology S.r.l., Betaware S.r.l., Betahead S.r.l., joint referred as “Beta 80”).


All data and information provided by this web site (the “Content”), in each and all types (e.g. images, texts, video, graphic lay-out, demo software or app available for download, html sources) have a corporate communication purpose targeting business, product, marketing, promotional profiles. Such Content does not bind to Beta 80 any web site visitor or any actual or potential commercial or business entity. All site Content is Beta 80 intellectual property, subject to intellectual property protection. Intellectual rights protections equally belong to Beta 80 and to any third-party providing Beta 80 Contents for publishing purpose.

Site Content may be used within a strictly personal purpose of the site visitor but cannot be used or altered in any way for third party commercial purposes or for any other purpose unrelated to the original Beta 80 communication purpose. No Content of the site may be copied, used or included in any communication material or product/service belonging to a legal entity other than one of Beta 80, without previous Beta 80 permission in written.


Some web pages of this site may hyperlink pages external to Beta 80, i.e. content belonging to other organizations or business partners. Hyperlink purpose is meant to provide a better service and user experience to the site visitors.

Beta 80 is not responsible of any content reachable through external hyperlinks and cannot be held liable for any effect consequent to external hyperlink navigation. Simple existence of a hyperlink does not imply Beta 80 endorsement of such Content or any kind of approval of target contents and does not bind Beta 80 to specific personal data treatments belonging to external web sites. Improper hyperlink may be reported to the site administrator:

Guarantees and Liability

All Content is provided “as is” in the publishing state. Content is validated by Beta 80 before publishing, nevertheless content errors as typo, misspelling, misunderstandings, wrong translations or unaccounted malware compromising the site, in principle are not to be excluded and the visitor must be aware of this.

Beta 80 is therefore not liable for any damage or profit or earning loss resulting from site navigation or usage of any site Content for decision-making. Beta 80 has the right to change site Content in any moment without notice or external approval. Site content do not change or integrate or modify any Beta 80 agreed contract (e.g. with customers, business partners, suppliers, etc.).

Personal data Controller

Controller of the personal data treatment is Beta 80 Group S.r.l., Milano, Via Socrate 41. Beta 80 has appointed a Data Protection Officer, in compliance with the GDPR Regulation. Beta 80 DPO contact is:


Personal data collected by Beta 80 through the web site (e.g. by forms, data entry fields, contact e-mails specified in the Contact parts of the site, etc.), is bound to following specific purposes:

  • Direct Marketing: e.g. communication of Beta 80 product/services with brochures or any information material, answers to business requests, preparation of bids and offers, etc.;
  • Business relationship: any activity correlated to any business and market relationship (e.g..: business information, bid qualification, etc.);
  • Job selection: selection of job candidates for a Beta 80 group posting.

Legal basis for the processing of personal data is the desire of a potential Customer to activate a precontractual relationship with Beta80 and/or the legitimate interest of Beta 80 to responding market inquiries, business requests, job proposals.

Treatment of Personal data

Personal data is processed with automatic and manual processes, within the stated purposes, keeping in great account confidentiality, security and protection of personal data from any risk having an impact on the dignity of the interested subjects.

Communication to third parties

Beta 80 entrust some external processors for all or some phases of personal data treatment, within the stated purposes. Relationship with external processors is compliant to GDPR Regulation art. 28, and processors receive processing instructions, guarantee suitable security measures and all required provisions in order to guarantee confidentiality and security of data.

Beta 80 Group, within the stated purposes, share or communicate personal data with some third parties, namely:

  • Beta 80 Group legal entities, e.g.: Beta 80 Software e Sistemi S.p.a., Betaware S.r.l., Beta 8.0 Technology S.r.l., Betahead srl, etc
  • Internet and worldwide web service providers, comprising the entities quoted in the cookie policy
  • Curriculum vitae management service providers.

Data retention

Personal data collected from or through this site, including e-mails, will be retained for the time clearly needed to start a contract, or for the establishment of business relationship, or for the open job selection time window, or for any mandatory retention period defined by laws and regulations.


Beta 80 complies with GDPR Regulation personal data subject rights stated in articles 15-23 (Data access, modification, deletion, opposition/limitation, etc.), contact:

In case a personal data subject has the opinion that Beta 80 personal data processing is not compliant to bylaws and Regulation, has the right to issue a claim to the Italian Data Protection Authority, with the process defined in its institutional site: