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Information on cookies

During the site navigation we send to user Browser “cookies” for navigation optimization and improving a better experience of Beta 80 Group business proposal.


Cookies are small data and code portions sent by our web server and installed into the end user browser during site navigation. Cookie purposes are technical and non-technical. Where applicable, the cookie may refer the browser IP address, collected for single-user enumeration purpose and will not be used for other purposes.

You can approve or deny cookies through the cookie management options specific of your browser, or through the “cookie wall” popup at the first access or through the popup that appears selecting the keyhole icon low right in the page (“Your consent preferences for tracking technologies”). In the policy we will explicit effects of disabling cookie types.

We send only a minimal number of cookies targeting our sites or the sites of selected partners:

  • (European Economic Area-EEA, USA), es. : Google Tag Manager; Google Fonts (mandatory cookie); Google Analytics with anonymized IP
  • (EEA, USA), es. : LinkedIn Insight Tag
  • (EEA, USA), es.: HubSpot CRM, HubSpot Lead Management



Cookies satisfy always and only the following business purposes and whenever possible provide anonymization of personal data, as the navigation IP.


Necessary and Functionality

Technical in nature, to enable site functionality and navigation of site services, e.g.: session authentication, choices, language. Mandatory cookies cannot be disabled, functional cookies yes.

Disabling functional cookies Cookies the site navigation may be incomplete, does not remember the language choice or other preferences and cannot provide an optimal user experience for the device of choice.



This kind of cookies track your content choice and area of interest, enable newsletter and privileged content access, track browsed content and contribute to site personalization.



To collect site usage information; have statistical purposes; track site usage data and enable user experience analysis for content/navigation improvement. Such cookies track most visited web pages, collect browsing problems, assess advertising effectiveness. Tracking information is focused on content and site performance and not on the end user behaviour.



Are cookies connected to our social networking partners. Used for market analysis or for user type classification and for enrichment of our site contents or for recalling our contents on the social media sites. Without Social network Cookies, some user-preferred content may not be easily accessible.