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Alumni BetAgain

— An extended professional community

A continuous success

BETA AGAIN. It is still Beta. In a different way, out of known places and patterns.

BET AGAIN. We can bet again, albeit on new premises, because we are certain of the result already experienced, since we have already journeyed together a part of the road.

A new way of working

BetAgain is Beta 80’s Alumni Community, and was born to open usual business boundaries, which are more and more meaningless, particularly in an open echosystem perspective. Relationship and knowledge sharing let companies being innovative and competitive, although the speed of change and the uncertainty of the world where we live in. Our perspective is not limited by the working environment: we go beyond, we discover new ideas and overcome challenges that seemed impossible if faced alone. In which way? Even sharing opinions and experiences, with those we have worked with or shared a part of the road and are now facing a new challenge.

Sharing to grow

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