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About us

Curiosity, comparison, listening skills, an open mind are part of our culture and constantly push us towards the search for new solutions. To improve ourselves and the society around us.

In its development path Beta 80 Group has never set itself the goal of stressing profit but has always tried to grow and consolidate as a reality that affects the market and leaves a positive mark that lasts over time.

This is why we do not divide profits, but through them we continually strengthen our assets and investments, so as to guarantee constant growth. In the last financial year, the employees exceeded 500 units and revenues amounted to 52 million euros.


Alfredo Lovati



Paolo Testi

General Director

Beta 80 Group has always had the goal of supporting and accompanying customers through solutions based on proprietary technological platforms and or best-of-breed components on the market, trying to read and interpret the signals to anticipate future scenarios and govern them.

This has allowed us to be a reliable market player, capable of evolving, but also of remaining faithful to itself, earning the trust of customers.

In fact, 20 of our 25 main customers have been at our side for more than 20 years, and the various projects we manage today are of international level, from Europe, to the Far East, to America. Beta 80 Group currently operates through three Business Units: ICT Services & Solutions, Supply Chain & Warehouse Management, Emergency & Crisis Management. In 2019, the Group created TOW 80, the first company in Italy with an offer entirely dedicated to the ServiceNow platform.

One brick at a time, to keep growing.

This is why we continually invest in our collaborators and focus on the importance and talent of each individual, seeking relationships of trust, building a positive and ethical work culture, improving conditions, taking care of our professionals.
Career path and professional development, but also welfare policies, training courses, care of the work environment. It is an all-round attention, so that everyone’s positive potential is fully manifested.

We pay particular attention to young people. We have consolidated partnerships with High Schools, Universities and IFTS, and we operate with targeted interventions and with the planning of ad hoc training. A good example is our Academy, a training course aimed at the job placement of young people in our sector. We believe that our team is the main engine of the company’s development, through its work, made up of competence, dedication, passion, energy. Because each of us expresses something of himself through work, because it transforms reality, making it better, never stopping.


Anna Castelli

Human Resources Director


Fabio Zennaro

Senior Vice President

To establish a solid partnership relationship with customers, authority is first of all required, which derives both from knowledge on the specific subject and from the experience gained over the years.
And then it is necessary to prove to be 100% reliable, bringing the customer results and benefits even beyond expectations.
If 20 of our top 25 clients have been with us for over 20 years, it is because we have always been able to anticipate their needs, help them achieve their goals, listen to them and even lead them.
For us, accompanying customers in their Digital Transformation path literally means taking a journey together, facing the challenges of continuous change, and looking together for a way to face them.

We have always worked alongside the Emergency Centers (112, 118,…). To say that technology is at the service of people has a much stronger meaning here than elsewhere. With over 70 Centers installed worldwide, we are today the leader in Italy in the CAD (Computer Aided Dispatch) sector, and owners of significant projects abroad: from Europe to the Middle East to Central America. Not only health emergencies, but also internal centers at airports, coast guard, eCall systems. Passion for public utility and for technology that improves it: this is why at the annual EENA convention (European Emegency Number Association) we speak as protagonists on frontier issues such as Next Generation 112, Automatic Mobile Location, Pan-European Mobile Emergency Application.


Francesco Silanos

Business Unit Director


Alessandro Annibaletti

Business Unit Director

Take Florim, for example, a recent success story among our various customers. In the warehouse with more than 1000,000 pallet spaces, the trolleys and pallets are located only with satellite GPS coordinates, without barcodes on the pallets. We have created, on top of our Stockager® software, a special component for the management of GPS coordinates. We develop projects for the management of traditional and automatic warehouses with our proprietary technologies Stockager®, Runner and PTL. Thanks to our partnership with SAP, we carry out projects with SAP WM, EWM, TM, and we guarantee our customers a system availability of 99.97%.

The strong drive to undertake Digital Transformation paths requires companies to make important choices. As service providers, we are called first of all to offer skills, to support the customer with reasoned choices, out of the hype of the moment. Skills that are prooved with Technological Certifications and not with just generic speeches; personal commitment of each individual professional. We focus on precise technologies and methodologies, those that more than others represent the investments of our customers: Cloud, AIOps, Big Data & Analytics, DevOps.


Federico Pedullà

Business Unit Director


Matteo Lesma

Finance and Administration Director

In the Beta 80 Group culture, financial solidity represents a fundamental value. Beta 80 Group does not operate, in fact, with a financial and speculative approach, but pursues an industrial project that makes the company grow in a solid and sustainable way.
To confirm this, Beta 80 Group has always reinvested the profits earned, supporting the growth of its business, without the intervention of external capital, but relying solely on its own resources. At the same time, the company maintains strict control over its assets, ensuring a stable financial balance.