Career / Professional Paths

Professional Paths

— Technical and managerial learning.

A road to success

For a growing company that has been highly competitive for 30 years and is determined to stay so, development is necessary. Beta 80 believes in a diffuse growth culture. This is why we dedicate space to the spread of a performance management culture. Because what really counts is to direct collaborators towards a successful performance for their own growth and the company’s.

Ensuring growth

To manage collaborators means to work with them for quality performance and help them develop their skills. Our focus is – and stays – on development. The building of a quality relationship, the ability to operate in an environment of trust and constant feedback are crucial pillars to push people live what they are doing with responsibility, involvement and innovation.

Beta 80 offers two performance evaluation processes, dedicated to the most operative professionals and to those who manage people or results. Both tools are under a constant update process, so they can be adapted to changing needs and inevitable evolutions.