Immagine partner

Amazon Web Services (AWS) is the most widespread cloud platform in the world, which allows companies, institutions and organizations to accelerate their Digital Transformation process, use agile approaches and adopt innovative solutions. Amazon AWS offers a wide range of services, which can be used on demand according to the pay-per-use model. Amazon AWS services allow you to quickly build new applications or move existing ones to cloud architecture. AWS provides resources such as storage and databases, up to advanced services such as Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Analytics and IOT.


Beta 80 Group is an AWS partner and uses a Cloud Center of Excellence to support customers along the Digital Transformation journey, selecting the most suitable AWS service from time to time.

In particular:

  • Amazon ECS and EKS, for an effective management of containers within application modernization.
  • AWS Lambda, for executing programming code with no worries about the infrastructure.
  • Amazon S3 and RDS, to improve scalability and storage/database resilience.
  • DynamoDB, for a revolutionary approach to mobile application service development.
  • AWS Glue and Step Functions, to simplify workflows within system development and integration.
  • AWS AppSync and Amazon Cognito, to empower API’s and user management.


The Cloud cosultancy with AWS Well-Architected Tool, let us offer to ur customers the right tools to optimize workload architecture.

AWS Migration Hub and Database Migration Service, to  smoothly migrate applications to AWS.

In the end, we rely on Amazon CloudWatch, AWS OpsWorks and Systems Manager for an excellent application management  and monitoring. AWS CloudFormation, CloudTrail and Config, are used for a flawless AWS infrastructure management.